Local Broker vs. Specialty Broker?

Hawley & Associates strongly believes in giving back to the community.  We encourage the support of local businesses and services operating in the areas that we all live and work.  But, when it comes to your insurance broker, you may need to think beyond your hometown borders.

Did you know that having a local broker may actually be a detriment to your organization, not a benefit?  A local broker may not have the necessary knowledge of important state/federal statutes, coverage limitations, a strong relationship with key carriers and access to specialty markets.

Hawley & Associates provides specialized insurance products and services for nonprofits, human service and social service organizations all across the country.  Our expertise gives us a broader view and understanding of the insurance industry and how it affects your organization.  It is our job to stay current on all changes in your industry and to keep your organization and mission protected.



HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY – We Love Our Clients (and here’s why)!

Valentines Day 2018

It may be funny to see a Valentine’s Day message from a commercial insurance broker, but we felt it the perfect time to acknowledge and show our love for our amazing clients!

Our clients dedicate themselves to serving the Social Service and Nonprofit community and unselfishly give back each and everyday. Their work makes the world a better place for so many individuals that may be struggling with addiction, homelessness, and/or mental health issues.  They may also help a child find a forever home or provide a safe place for victims of abuse or domestic violence.

Hawley & Associates truly loves what we do and is so proud to be a partner in our clients’ missions.

To our clients – thank you for all you do and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Don’t Be A Party Pooper! Get Your Special Events Coverage Today!

BOTGCan’t you feel it? Summer is right around the corner! Of course, summer means sunshine, suntans (or sunburns!), vacations, lazy weekends and special events.

It is a popular time for many non-profit, for-profit, social service, human service or child welfare organizations to hold their annual fundraisers/benefits, community events, or company picnics during this time of year. But, did you know, the insurance program you have in place for your organization may or may not cover you for unexpected incidents/accidents that may occur during these special events? There are some important liabilites and risks that each organization must consider and understand before an event takes place.

Knowing Your Risks:

People: It is important that all individuals involved in, around or at the event are protected and safe. This could involve volunteers, event participants, vendors, hired staff or performers. Every event should have a crowd control plan, and emergency and security services readily available.

Venue: Is the size of the venue adequate for all attendees? Is there enough parking space? Are there enough restrooms and easy access to these facilities? Does the venue have a capacity limit? These are all great questions to ask yourself when considering your risks and exposures.

Contacts: It is not uncommon for a contract to be drawn with a third party and/or vendors. It must provide clear details about dates, times, location and the nature of the event. It must also include clear terms on cancellations, payments, insurance and additional services.

Contact Hawley & Associates today about your upcoming event and our specialized insurance products, including Special Events coverage!

The Season For Giving Is…All Year Long!

SE Youth 5Hawley & Associates is proud to provide insurance services for many wonderful social services and child welfare organizations throughout the country who are dedicated to giving back to the people in our communities, and SOUTHEAST YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES is no exception!

Founded in 1974, Southeast Youth is a non-profit social service agency, who’s mission is to assist children, youth and families in the Seattle area in achieving safe, self-sufficient, stable and sustainable lives. They achieve their mission by providing counseling, educational, social and life skills programs for children, youth and their families.

They are located in the Columbia City area of Seattle and serve people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and various income levels, with the majority of families being low income people of color.

This past Christmas, Hawley & Associates was honored to participated in Southeast Youth’s annual holiday giving program. It’s simple purpose is to bring a little Christmas joy to local kids who might not otherwise have a Christmas. With no hesitation, we put on our “Hawley” santa hats and elf booties and went to work! We hope we were able to help make Christmas just a little brighter for a few local kids.

Thank you, Southeast Youth for the exceptional work that you do and for making a difference in so many lives, not only during the holidays…but, ALL YEAR LONG!

Check Out The New Hawley & Associates Quarterly Newsletter!

Logo 2Starting this December and every quarter thereafter, we will be creating a company newsletter highlighting Adoption, Social Services and Child Welfare issues and the insurance industry that effects these organizations. We will also include fun facts and share all the ‘Happenings’ here at Hawley and Associates. Thanks for taking this journey with us!

The Hawley & Associates Quarterly Newsletter!.

Cyber Liability Insurance for Your Non-Profit / For-Profit Business

Concept for secure data storageYet another cyber-security breach.  This time, effecting Adobe Systems, Inc. and 38 million customers!  http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/adobe-hacker-attack-much-bigger-previously-disclosed-8C11493155#!  It just reminds all of us on how delicate our infrastructure really is.  If this were to happen to your organization, would you know what to do?  Would you be prepared?  Would your insurance policy cover losses incurred because of the Internet?

More and more businesses are electing to add Cyber Liability insurance to their general and employment liability policies.  A good Cyber Liability policy can pick up where your General Liability policy leaves off.  This type of coverage may help cover things like public relations, the cost of notifying customers of the breach, regulatory fines or penalties and even cash in hand to keep your company running until things are “business as usual”.

Hawley & Associates takes pride in assisting Social Service and Child Welfare agencies (i.e. Adoption Agencies, Foster Care, Residential Treatment Centers, Group Homes, Educational Institutes, Non-Profit/For-Profits and more!) around the world by analyzing their risks and creating a Cyber Liability policy to meet their needs and budget.



Has it been 10 years already?!  Happy Anniversary – National Cyber Security Month!

Back in 2003, The Department of Homeland Security deemed October “National Cyber Security Month“. It is a perfect time for all of us to think about our on-line safety in this interconnected world we live in.  This is an topic we all need to think about on a daily basis rather than one month a year.  Whether you are banking with your smart phone, shopping with your tablet, emailing friends or casually cruising around the world wide web, we all need to STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

Even if you’re not directly connected to the Internet, it is critical to our infrastructure, for example, supporting and running our financial institutions, transporation systems, emergency response systems and even the gas pumps we use to fill up our tanks.  No one is immune.

There are many things one can do to help protect themselves from becoming a victim of cybercrime.  Make sure you have the most recent security software installed & automate your software updates, make your passwords LONG and STRONG, and delete suspicious emails or links, just to name a few.  For individuals, there are also cyber “watch dog” services that can alert you of any suspicious activity and thwart cyber threats. For businesses, there is cyber liability insurance.  This type of commerical insurance could make the difference between staying in business or shutting your doors.

Cyber Security is a shared responsibility and everyone has a role to play.  Whether it be government, law enforcement, individuals or businesses, we all need to be engaged and raise awareness to protect ourselves against cyber incidents.